International Scientific and Practical Forum "Russian Healthcare Week"

The International Scientific and Practical Forum Russian Healthcare Week, the largest comprehensive project in the field of medicine and health protection, covering all industries, from equipment manufacturing to science and practical medicine, was held at the Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex from December 2 to December 6, 2019.

The forum was attended by over 700 participants from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Mexico, Moldova, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and the Czech Republic. The main goal of the Forum was to form new successful scientific groups, exchange experience and attract young specialists to research and development.

The organizers identified the generalization of knowledge, exchange of accumulated experience and collection of opinions on the modernization of the healthcare system as a priority task of the Forum.

"Pozvonoq" was also represented at the exhibition and demonstrated its products. A model of the spine was presented at the stand, where it was clearly shown how replacing a damaged intervertebral disc with an intervertebral cage affects the spine. Everyone could ask interesting questions about the product, as well as pick up the cages and make sure of the quality of the product.

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